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Top tips to banish post-holiday depression 

20th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Most of us spend all year dreaming about that next sunny escape, romantic adventure or food-filled getaway, yet new research shows that the post-holiday sadness begins to hit before we’re even on our way home. Whilst 59% of British travellers feel ‘sad’ or ‘in low spirits’ when they return from their summer holiday, over half of those who experience holiday blues (54%) admit they start to feel sad on or even before the last day of the break. A further 18% say it kicks in on the flight home and 15% feel it the moment they get home.

It turns out that women are the most likely to experience these feelings, with those under the age of 35 bearing the brunt.‘s research finds that 63% of women deal with post-holiday blues, whilst only 55% of men seem to be affected. Interestingly, the younger generation is far more fussed, affecting 63% of 18-22 year-olds; 64% of 23-35 year-olds but only 46% of 56-65 year-olds.

We do, of course, all have our own coping strategies for dealing with these feelings, and easing the return to mundane, everyday life. Almost half of us (46%) ensure we have extra time off work when returning, be that booking a few extra days off, leaving work early or even calling in sick! Another 31% try to extend their holiday habits and live more healthily – sleeping in longer, exercising more and eating better foods, whilst a fifth of us make sure our homes are clean and tidy before we go away. Another 18% immediately start looking for their next break or holiday!

Aston spoke to Jenni Trent Hughes, psychologist and travel expert to discuss the research and shed light on her five top tips for beating the post-holiday blues.