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Traitors Diane Carson airs the nation’s dirty laundry

Brits have confessed the habits they’d rather keep secret in a new study released today.

Among the confessions, one in five (21%) regularly allow their pets to sleep in their beds but only wash their sheets and pillowcases once a month and a third wash their towels once every two weeks or less frequently. 

The poll also uncovered that another third of us (35%) tell eco-lies to save face… Including ‘reducing water by taking shorter showers’ (31%), ‘recycling and separating their recycling’ (28%) and ‘claiming to eat less meat than they do’ (17%).

The survey by the eco-cleaning pioneer, Ecover, also discovered that Brits are surrounded by cleaning myths that often prevent them from living less wastefully, including misconceptions about the effectiveness of cold washes through to the sustainability credentials of cleaning products. Whilst it has been proven to be just as effective – and reduces energy consumption – only 2% of respondents wash their clothes on a ‘cold wash’ and as many as 51% of Brits still wash the majority of their laundry above 40 degrees, with another 10% washing at 50ºC or above.

James spoke to Diane Carson from Traitors.

Photo by Oli Woodman on Unsplash

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