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Trusting your own gut

6th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Phrases like ‘having guts’, ‘butterflies in your stomach’ and ‘feeling gutted’ have been part of everyday language for hundreds of years and we can now explain their meaning scientifically.

New research shows the majority (92%) of us talk about our gut when describing our feelings but nearly half (47%) don’t know that there is actual science at work to explain why.

In fact, just a third (29%) have heard of the ‘gut-brain axis’ – the direct physical connection and continuous communication that occurs between the gut and the brain.

The research from Yakult shows that two thirds (63%) trust their gut so much that they always or often follow their gut instinct while three-quarters (75%) of women report feeling emotions like love, happiness and fear in the gut (vs 61% of men).

Aston spoke to psychologist Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh.