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TV DIY guru Tommy Walsh on home beautification

The UK’s favourite DIY and home improvement expert, Tommy Walsh, is calling for more to be done to protect workers from the dangers of silica dust.

Tommy believes that the issue of air quality on building sites should be a national concern, and that silica should be viewed the same way as asbestos.

While he became aware of silica particulates as an issue around five years ago, in relation to the disposal of plasterboard, Tommy says that he has not heard the issue discussed on building sites. This is in spite of the fact that 81% of those regularly exposed to silica are construction workers.

Recent data from Trolex has shown that silica is the biggest risk to construction workers after asbestos, with cases and exposure rising year over year. There are 12,000 deaths a year in the UK from inhalation of particulates in the workplace, opposed to just 142 recorded due to workplace accidents between 2020/2021. The scale of the issue is not matched by the awareness and action needed to prevent it.

Aston spoke to TV DIY guru Tommy Walsh.

Photo by Eugen Str on Unsplash

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