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TV Gardener Daisy Payne highlights the importance of supporting biodiversity

As a nation, we found a new love for nature during the pandemic. Our gardens, forests, fields and parks provided daily solace and peace of mind.

However, with the global population estimated to reach almost 10 billion by 2050, it is paramount that we protect the plant and animal life in these habitats; not just to ensure we have green spaces to enjoy, but more importantly so that we can feed all the people on the planet.

Sourcing food sustainably in a way that doesn’t destroy biodiversity, but actively replenishes it, is key to supporting the food supply because biodiversity is the basis of all agriculture.  But research from Birds Eye suggests that agricultural techniques are responsible for 60% of global biodiversity loss.

Birds Eye have teamed up with TV Gardener Daisy Payne to guide the nation on how to help preserve biodiversity. They have launched an on-pack giveaway competition across the selected packs from their Birds Eye Peas range, where 20,000 wildflower seed boxes are up for grabs to put supporting biodiversity directly into the hands of shoppers.

Aston spoke to TV gardener Daisy Payne and James Hopwood, head of agriculture at Birds Eye.

Photo by Jonathan Hanna on Unsplash

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