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Two thirds of primary school kids experience anxiety

10th May 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

A nationwide survey of primary school parents and teachers has today revealed that two thirds of parents say their children regularly feel anxious about school work, not fitting in and friendships.

The research commissioned by ClassDojo – the school communication app – has shown how 30 per cent of parents believe having their child learn to manage their anxiety about school life is now more important than school work, whilst 63 per cent of parents agree that it is just as important.

Teachers are also increasingly concerned about pupils’ mental wellbeing. More than three quarters of teachers said that their students have experienced anxiety about school life, while 92 per cent believe that mindfulness is vitally important to their students’ growth.

Aston spoke to mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin MBE to discuss the mindfulness program and also the anxiety effects that are found in schools across the UK.

Jonny Benjamin MBE interview with Aston Avery