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Posted by Aston Avery

Unleashing the power of home-testing on the third anniversary of lockdown

On the eve of the third anniversary of the first UK lockdown, which saw words like “social distancing” and “self-testing” enter everyday language, new research reveals the appetite and potential for more home testing. This comes at a time when 30% of us are having to wait six or more weeks for diagnostics tests via the NHS, with almost 200,000 having to wait more than 13 weeks for one of the NHS’ key diagnostics tests.

The data from Newfoundland, a UK provider of diagnostic tests and medical devices, shows 54% of us agree that events of recent years have made us want to take more control of our healthcare. It also reveals two thirds of the nation (67%) is worried about the length of time it takes to get an NHS appointment, with 14% having held off getting tests because the NHS is overburdened. Additionally, and worryingly, approximately one in eight (13%) say they know someone who has received a late health diagnosis which impacted their treatment options.

To help ease the NHS demands and discourage people taking to the internet to find diagnosis, a new range of rapid at-home tests allows people to equip themselves with potentially lifesaving health knowledge. The tests identify specific conditions, illness, and diseases including bowel cancer, prostate cancer, influenza and malaria, as well as conditions including vitamin D, iron deficiency, fertility and menopause from the comfort of their own home.

Aston spoke to Dr Emeka.

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