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Vicki Butler-Henderson on de-icing disasters

After the colder months of 2020 saw 19% more insurance claims for windscreen repairs or replacements compared to warmer months, MORE THAN is urging drivers to avoid ‘de-icing disasters’, after new research reveals a nation of unequipped drivers when it comes to de-icing protocol.

According to the insurer, Brits desperate to remove ice from their cars on wintery mornings are resorting to extreme and often costly methods. One in five (20%) drivers under the age 35 have damaged their car’s windscreen when clearing frost, the research finds, costing them an average of £143 to repair or replace it as a result.

When it comes to Brits’ biggest bugbears with driving, tailgaters, drivers who don’t use their indicators and being stuck in traffic were the most commonly cited, however one in ten (10%) also say that discovering that you need to de-ice your car when you’re in a hurry is another big frustration for them.

Aston spoke to TV presenter and racing driver Vicki Butler-Henderson.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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