Posted by Aston Avery

William Hanson about our eating habits

Hark, hark! Are you exhausted from feeling like a barbarian when it comes to proper dining etiquette fit for a king or queen? Fret not, for we have arrived to aid you in dining like royalty, just in time for the coronation!

New data from Costa reveals what Brits think of some of our royal etiquette rules when it comes to food and drink… And although many of us are pretty happy with the way things are – one person is not so…

While some may believe that clanging their silverware together is the epitome of sophistication, in proper dining etiquette, it’s considered quite savage. So, let’s keep our forks and knives from brawling on our plates. According to a recent survey by Costa, 27% of us don’t mind when cutlery clashes together.

Aston spoke to etiquette expert William Hanson.

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