Posted by Aston Avery

World Menopause Day

The menopausal maze has been a topic of conversation on middle aged women’s minds for as long as time. As
something that happens to all women at some time or another, how is it possible there are still so many question
marks surrounding the menopause for so many women?

New research by Organon has shown that there are actually many myths surrounding menopause and the fact that
‘life is never as good after the menopause’(36%) , ‘it’s the most stressful thing you’ll ever experience’ (36%) and
that ‘you won’t get through it’(31%) are all completely untrue.

Many have also claimed that despite the popular beliefs, you actually won’t feel like a different person (28%) nor
lose a sense of who you are (27%).

Aston spoke to Dr Paula Briggs, chair elect at the British Menopause Society and gynecologist.

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