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World Suicide Prevention Day

10th September 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

With many UK Pride events celebrated again this year, and the outward support of businesses up and down the country, most would see the UK as an accepting LGBTQI+ nation. However, for those from religious, or strict cultural backgrounds, sharing their identity with family can still be extremely difficult, even life-threatening.

In fact, nearly two in three LGBTQI+ people who have religious parents say they struggle with suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression as a result of their parents not accepting them, according to The Naz and Matt Foundation. Sadly, for some, this can result in conversion “therapy”, disownment or even suicide.

The battle for many between religion and sexuality is ongoing, with up to 280,000 online searches for the two words happening every single month in the UK, according to new data by Semrush. These searches suggest many people are looking for support or reassurance.

Aston spoke to the founder of The Naz and Matt Foundation Matt Mahmood Ogston.