Posted by Aston Avery

WWF create ocean meadows to combat climate change

New research out today reveals that while 93% of adults say they know what the biggest causes of climate change are, they’re less knowledgeable on the ways to combat it, including the role that nature itself has to play.

Of the 56% who knew about carbon-capture technology, over half (52%) felt it was the solution in the fight against climate change, while only four in ten adults overall knew that nature itself is one of the most powerful tools available. In fact, the UK is home to the ‘green technology’ seagrass, that captures carbon 35 times faster than rainforests, something half of UK adults (55%) are unfamiliar with. Of those who are aware of seagrass, one third do not know about its powerful carbon-capturing potential.

Sky Zero and WWF have launched the Force for Nature campaign highlighting the power of the UK’s natural habitats in the battle against climate change, asking the public to sign up to become a Force for Nature and add their names calling on Government to keep climate promises. In return, Sky Zero and WWF will plant up to one million seagrass seeds around the UK.

Aston spoke to Alec Taylor, head of WWF land use and climate programme.

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