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Drivetime, 6th March 2019

6th March 2019
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Good evening! Thanks once again for joining me on this Wednesday evening for your drive home, hope you’ve had a fantastic day, and what a show it was!

We took a look at the world of politics today, and what you need to know from Westminster today.

We spoke to James Kewin from the Sixth Form Colleges Association about a report that sixth forms are dropping some subjects over funding issues.

When was the last time you used cash to pay for something? Have you embraced the cashless revolution? You aren’t alone, but there are certainly growing fears for the wider population as a result of this shift in payments.

And if you’re down with the common cold, you might be wondering – why haven’t we cured it yet?

And this week’s Record of the Week came courtesy of Emma Bunton, with ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop.’

See you soon!