Actor Jeff Stevenson on Gateway 97.8

16th March 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

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Jeff Stevenson has been in show business since the age of 14. He started out as a child actor and played the part of Louis in the legendary Alan Parker film ‘Bugsy Malone’. In 2016 Jeff appeared on The One Show alongside fellow cast members including Dexter Fletcher celebrating the film’s 40th anniversary.

As an actor Jeff has appeared in many situation comedies, most
notably as the comedian at Rodney Trotter’s stag night in Only Fools And Horses (Episode ‘Little Problems’). Jeff also played the part of PC Parker alongside the brilliant Jim Broadbent in the Christmas Day film of Only Fools and Horses ‘To Hull and Back’.

Jeff is in a new film, Touching The Blue, filmed in Essex. Johnny Jenkins spoke to Jeff Stevenson:

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