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Anna Richardson on why home buyers want quirky homes

22nd February 2022
Posted by Aston Avery

As housing shortages and surging property prices continue to dominate headlines, 2022 has ushered in something of a new era in home living. A new survey has found that over a third (37%) of British homebuyers now prefer quirkier living spaces.

The research commissioned by TalkTalk has found that when searching for somewhere to live, many people now hanker for non-traditional homes. Quirky features are seen as a way to help express personal style (58%) and stand out from others (38%). In the same way, just under a third (29%) live in what they would describe as an unusual property, with over a fifth (21%) admitting that originality is a now top priority when looking for their next dream dwelling.

The most popular quirky features people would hope to find when looking for a new home are period features (21%), garden office (17%), outbuilding (16%), underground levels (i.e. a basement) (13%) and untraditional renovated space in the home (12%).

As data usage continues to rise, a fast and reliable fibre broadband connection has become more essential than ever for busy households using multiple devices at the same time. When looking to move home, 45% of people prioritise finding somewhere with a fast, reliable internet connection in the local area. This may not be hugely surprising given the surge in people working from home on and off for the past two years, however, when looking specifically for non-traditional space, almost a fifth (18%) of homebuyers are concerned by Wi-Fi connectivity in a quirky home.

Aston spoke to TV presenter Anna Richardson.

Photo by Ethan Kent on Unsplash