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British workers do not take their lunch break

New nationwide research of office workers has revealed that 73% either never or hardly ever get to take a proper lunch break, away from their desks and work demands.

n fact, the average British office worker takes just 29 minutes for lunch everyday, and will only leave their work space seven times a month to step outside and get fresh air during lunchtime.

Despite the rise in home working, more than a quarter (26%) of British workers say they never down tools or ignore their emails, even when they are meant to be having lunch. And that’s not all, as more than a third (36%) of us admit we always check work messages and take calls during our lunch breaks – even if we’re out in a cafe with pals.

The study, by Branston Pickle, found that 38% of workers are constantly interrupted by work calls and messages during their lunch break. While 35% say they literally don’t have enough time to take a full hour out of their busy day, and a quarter (25%) worry about missing important emails so never spend very long away from their devices. In fact, over a fifth (21%) of us admit we don’t take a proper lunch break as we’re terrified our boss will think we are slacking off.

Freya spoke to confidence and mindset coach Hattie MacAndrews.

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