Posted by Ros Connors

Brits want to lose weight this year

Following weeks of over-indulgence and putting others first, the New Year will see a mental shift according to a new ‘Weight of the Nation’ report from The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. As the decorations come down, thoughts for many will turn to focus on themselves more, which for two thirds of people (66%) centres on the desire to bring down the number we see when we step onto a set of scales, by on average, two stone.

Most recent NHS data states that two-thirds of British adults aged 16 or over are overweight or obese, and research claims a 10% reduction in obesity prevalence could lead to significant NHS cost savings and social gain, equivalent to almost £6.5 billion per year.

With conditions such as joint pain (28%), high blood pressure (19%) and 15% being prescribed medication to those with weight concerns, it needs to be treated as urgent, and that’s before examining the negative effects on mental health and lifestyle.

Ros spoke to nutritionist Mark Gilbert.

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