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Businesses do not measure their carbon emissions

Almost 9 in 10 businesses do not measure their carbon emissions at all.

A survey by Positive Planet asked 568 businesses about their carbon emissions and what they were doing to limit them. It revealed that a staggering 89% of businesses did not even measure them.

This is despite 84% of respondents saying they feel anxious about climate change and almost 60% stating that their customers are worried about the environment.

The current’ government target for net zero is 2050. One part of their strategy is giving a variety of incentives to help businesses reduce their emissions or become net-zero themselves. However, two thirds (62%) of those surveyed questioned if they will see a difference in the environment within their lifetime and 82% said they were unsure how to even get started on their net-zero journey.

Ryan spoke to Stephen Henry, co-founder of Positive Planet.

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