Posted by Ros Connors

Businesses planning to let employees go due to supply chain crisis

Where once it was unheard of, and perhaps even laughable, to find a shortage of toilet roll or fruit and veg in our local supermarket, it is now commonplace to walk in and find some sections bare.

And it seems that the supply chain crisis in the UK has tougher consequences than simply not being able to get our favourite quilted, lavender scented, loo roll.

A new report from business software and solutions company SAP has revealed that UK businesses expect to see raw material shortages, emptier shelves, and reduced availability of healthcare products and medication for the rest of 2022 – with 66% having experienced delays in production of goods and delivery of services.

Ros spoke to Henrik Smedberg, head of intelligent spend management at SAP UK & Ireland.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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