Posted by Ros Connors

Cat microchipping law change

With just one month remaining until 10th June, a crucial deadline approaches for cat owners across England. From that date onwards, it will be a legal requirement to have cats microchipped from the age of 20 weeks – with fines of up to £500 to be issued for non-compliance.

Ahead of the law change, new research conducted by Pet Health Club has uncovered some concerning attitudes among cat owners regarding microchipping. Surprisingly, 35% agree microchipping is more important for dogs, despite cats’ propensity to wander – and inevitably get lost. In fact, every year, thousands of cats go missing, and those without microchips are far less likely to make it back home. The survey also found that the overwhelming majority of cat owners surveyed (89.6%) would worry if they hadn’t seen their furry friend for more than 24 hours. So why do an estimated 2 million remain unchipped?

Ros spoke to Amelia Battersby, leading veterinary surgeon at Pet Health Club.

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

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