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Children believe they will travel to space

A trained Astronaut is sharing his knowledge and passion for space as new research shows almost a  fifth (19%) of children believe humans will be able to live on another planet within 10 years, and more  than half of children between 4-7 years old (57%) say they will travel to space in their lifetime.

But with an expansive universe where would children like to set up home in the future? The figures by RM Technology suggest it’d be Mars with over a third (35%) of primary school age children choosing the red planet.

Mike Mongo, who trained as an astronaut as part of the first-ever Web3 commercial crew Space+5, travels the world educating children about space and has even written a book on the subject, is highlighting the relationship between our future in space and the importance of education now to prepare the next generation for the future of living.

James spoke to astronaut Mike Mongo and educational technologist Mel Parker.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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