Posted by Aston Avery

Children increasingly worried about climate change

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest global environmental challenges we currently face.

It is predicted that – unless action is taken – there will be a threefold increase in the amount of plastic flowing into the ocean between 2016 and 2040.

In the UK alone, just 12% of our household plastic waste is recycled and we are destroying our natural habitats and resources at a dangerous rate. If we don’t conserve what we’ve got, there will be even more plastic entering the ocean, even more needless single-use packaging produced and even more carbon leaking into the atmosphere.

Following discussion surrounding climate change between world leaders at COP27 and many protests witnessed across the country, demanding we act now to save the planet for future generations, the Modern Milkman – the 21st century’s answer to the traditional milk round – has conducted research giving the children of today a voice of their own.

Aston spoke to Simon Mellin, CEO of Modern Milkman.

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