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Content creators which are genuine or fake?

The social media world has exploded, and everyone is cashing in on being a “YouTube” blogger or game streamer.

And now fans can show their appreciation to artists and creators by crowdfunding and tipping them but how do you know the money you’re tipping is going to a genuine person and not a fake profile?

Onfido, the leading identity verification and authentication company partnered with FundOf, a tool that helps content creators monetize their content on any platform, to verify the identity of its users and build trust through its community of content creators.

Today that’s changing as Fundof is partnering with Onfido and Intergiro to onboard customers in 30 European countries, including France, the Netherlands and Germany and allow immediate access to tips via a VISA™ debit card and payment account conceived for creators, enabling them to spend and transfer their earned donations instantly.

Ryan spoke to Matthew Peake, global policy director at Onfido and Joakim Hultin, co-founder and CEO of FundOf.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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