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Could your danger nap risk lives?

For those that don’t know, a kids’ car nap can also be described as a ‘danger nap’, a term used by parents when their child takes a nap ‘late’ in the afternoon. This affects their usual bedtime, typically making it later than normal, meaning some parents will try to prevent their little ones from falling asleep.

However, it’s widely known that a car ride is something that helps kids drift off to sleep so keeping them awake on a car journey at ‘danger nap time’ can prove even harder… and parents will adopt dangerous driving behaviours to stop them drifting off.

In fact, almost half (49%) of parents actively try to keep their children from sleeping in the car and nearly a third (30%) admit to taking their hands off the wheel when driving and 11% say they have taken their eyes off the road because they were concerned their child is falling asleep, according to new research by Churchill.

Ros spoke to Rachael Lynch from Churchill.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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