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Dr Hilary Jones on combating eye strain

On average, Brits are spending up to five hours a day on their laptops, with most using this time for work, education, or entertainment such as watching streaming services. It might come as a surprise then that Brits place greater importance on the battery life (62%), memory (54%), and operating system (56%) than they do on the screen quality (45%).

Despite this, two in every five people admit they worry about the effects of blue light and two thirds experience eye strain often when using their current screens.

To combat these concerns, new research by ASUS found that over half (56%) of Brits turn their screen brightness down, 47% use screen filters for their laptops and 42% say they use the dark mode on their laptop to reduce the amount of blue light. However, the need to use these features could soon be made redundant due to newer OLED screens.

OLED is mostly known in the UK for revolutionising the viewing experience when watching TVs, but now due to technology advancements ASUS are continuing to widen the offering to laptops, with the benefits of a clearer display, yet reduced blue light.

Ryan spoke to TV’s Dr Hilary Jones.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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