Posted by Ros Connors

Dr Sarah Jarvis helping the UK understand cholesterol

As we mark British Heart week (7th -15th June), new research has found that while over half of people in the UK aged 55 and over have spoken about their cholesterol levels with a GP, there are still gaps in the public’s knowledge regarding cholesterol and its impact on our health.

Close to half of adults in the UK are living with cholesterol levels above national guidelines, putting them at risk of suffering from heart conditions and other circulatory diseases, according to the British Heart Foundation.

A new survey, commissioned by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, has revealed that while 52% have spoken about cholesterol with their GP and half (50%) have had their cholesterol levels checked with their GP practice, many are still unaware of what it means to have good cholesterol or what a healthy level is.

Ros spoke to TV’s Dr Sarah Jarvis.

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