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Drivetime: 26th March 2018

26th March 2018
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Hello! It’s great to be back on the air after a few weeks away. Let’s take another look again at what we got up to on this evening’s show!

  • George Ezra‘s brand new album came out on Friday, and it’s 100% one of my new favourites. Take a listen again to me babbling on about how great the album is, before introducing Paradise, one of the standout, catchiest hits from the album!

(Listen to Paradise and the rest of the album on Spotify here!)

  • This week’s Record of The Week was from Nicki French; fans of the 90s for storming to number one with her song ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’ and perhaps from Eurovision in 2000 where she represented the UK with the song ‘Don’t Play That Song Again.’ Missed it? Why?! (Listen again throughout the week on Gateway 97.8!)
  • Parents! If you’re worried about stuff to do with the kids during the holidays – fear not, I have all the details of what the Thameside Theatre in Grays is planning, so listen up!

Plus, Sky’s Mark Austin kept us up to date with the developing news surrounding the expulsion of Russian diplomats and we found out why the other lane of traffic moves faster than yours – all the time – in Bitesize Business this evening too.

I’m back very soon with more on Drivetime. Until, then, stay tuned to Gateway 97.8!