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Gymtimidation preventing people from achieving fitness goals

With Christmas in the rear-view mirror many of the UK public will be looking to get back into their fitness regime or make better physical and mental fitness choices as part of their New Year’s Resolution. January sees a huge spike of gym memberships and yet nearly half of the country (45%) have never been a member of a gym of health club.

For many ‘gymtimidation’ can set in quickly for reasons ranging from feeling ashamed about their weight gain (43%) to feelings of being judged by others (41%).

Research conducted by Anytime Fitness UK found that ‘gymtimidation’amid UK adults is real, with 43% reporting that they have felt intimidated in a gym and 47% declaring they feel nervous and anxious. So much does this affect people that 32% cancel their memberships due to feeling anxious or intimidated by their fitness environment. This is evidenced by the range of case studies of Anytime Fitness members from across the country who – thanks to the welcoming community-centric nature of its gyms – have overcome some overwhelming first-hand experience of ‘gymtimidation’.

Ryan spoke to Tom Davies from Anytime Fitness UK.

Photo by Risen Wang on Unsplash

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