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Huge rise in home brewing as cost-of-living downs drinkers

Home brewing is on the rise thanks to the cost-of-living crisis.

There was a dramatic increase in home brewing during lockdown, with the Telegraph reporting a huge ‘500% jump in home brew kit sales in 2020’, as many Brit missed the pub during lockdown. Since then, that trend has seen no sign of slowing down and thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, home brewing is firmly here to stay. Only recently the Daily Mirror reported that home brewer Chris Banks said he spends less than one pound on each pint and has made savings of nearly £1,000 a year since switching to brewing at home, a total of £2,850 over three years.

Before 1963, if you wanted to make your own beer in Britain you either had to pay the government for the privilege or do it in secret. Back then, official numbers suggested just 250 people in the entire country had licences to brew beer at home. However, by 1978, it is estimated more 2 million people in the UK where home brewing, making the hobby officially ‘mainstream’.

Ryan spoke to Nick Piper from muntons and Simon Pipola from Brewcon.

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