Posted by Danny Lawrence

Iraq war – 20 years on

In March 2003, the invasion of Iraq by a coalition was the last major conflict that UK Armed Forces took part in. 20 years on and SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity’s thoughts have turned to families who took part in Op TELIC, the codename for the UK’s military operations during the invasion and aftermath.

For a member of the Royal Navy, Army, or Royal Air Force – or any nation’s armed forces – home, when deployed overseas, is often in their thoughts, all the more so during times of war.

SSAFA has spoken with a number those that were either involved in the Iraq war or simply left at home to carry on life as ‘normal’ as could be. Each story shared below features someone who has a strong link to the charity, be they a fundraiser, a trustee, or its CEO and his wife.

Danny spoke to Sir Andrew Gregory, CEO of SSAFA & Lady Sally Gregory.

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