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23rd March 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

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Parents up and down the country have found themselves taking on secondary roles of ‘teacher’ and ‘entertainer’ over the last year.  Yet, despite the shared sigh of relief parents felt when their children returned to school two weeks ago and being pleased with normality hopefully returning, the truth is that the majority are now also missing having their kids at home. 

New research commissioned by Kinder Surprise found that 71 per cent of parents have spent more time with their children in the last 12 months, and as such, they feel like they have grown closer to their children during this time. In fact, over three quarters of parents say they have never felt as close to their family as they have done over the last year. 

Despite 95 per cent of parents facing challenges during lockdown such as keeping their kids entertained or helping them with their learning, parents are secretly missing their children around the house now that they are back at school. 

Johnny spoke to dad of two and Diversity star, Jordan Banjo

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