Posted by Ros Connors

Lisa Snowdon on the menopause

Silence isn’t golden – it’s deafening. Research released today reveals nearly half (43%) of women in the UK feel very much alone during the menopause with over half (51%) choosing not to inform their partner they are entering the life stage. Adding to the feeling of isolation and loneliness, close to eight in 10 (77%) of those polled revealed they didn’t tell their mother about starting the menopause, while 79% didn’t tell another female relative. More than half (60%) say they didn’t tell their friend and close to eight in 10 (76%) didn’t inform a healthcare professional.

For too long, the menopause has either been brushed under the carpet, spoken about in hushed tones, or used as the punchline to easy jokes. THE research reveals the extent to which women see it framed within media and culture as a wholly negative experience, with 71% agreeing it’s spoken about with such doom and gloom and that more positive elements aren’t acknowledged. 

The shame, stigma and fear this negativity creates is preventing open and honest conversations about the life stage. This means women often don’t know what to expect or how to manage the experience, which can leave them feeling lonely, isolated and utterly unprepared and unsupported, with 77% feeling unsupported by their partner or spouse, and just 15% feeling supported by their mother. The same number (15%) don’t feel prepared for the menopause at all, while 35% believe there are lies and myths being perpetuated and discussed about the menopause in general.

Ros spoke to TV presenter Lisa Snowdon.

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