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Listen: can daydreaming be good?

New research has revealed the extent to which Brits are daydreaming whilst on the job, with the average office worker admitting they daydream for 6 hours and 21 minutes per week – nearly a whole working day.  This means that an annual cost of £461 million pounds worth of pay is going to workers simply to daydream.

But could daydreaming at work actually have benefits for productivity? The research by SodaStream found that seven in ten Brits (69%) say they have had a great idea or some kind of breakthrough as a result of daydreaming, and over a quarter (27%) have managed to solve a problem, whether personal or work related.

Renowned TV neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis believes daydreaming is an under-rated skill as it opens our mind to more possibilities and expands our imagination.

Ryan spoke to TV neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis.

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