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Listen: do you have a ‘messy drawer’ at home?

A new nationwide survey has revealed that the average house has at least one messy drawer or cupboard in their home, with 52% admitting they feel ashamed when someone stumbles upon it. 

A quarter (25%) regularly fall out with their other half over the state of their messy drawer, with one in three (36%) insisting they should hold on to old items “just in case’ they come in handy. 

And the average junk drawer contains two redundant tablets, three old smartphones, six screws, five empty batteries, five hair bands and grips, and an average of five out-of-date takeaway leaflets, according to the poll.  

A tangle of four power leads, four unused headphones, four empty pens and three boxes of matches, are also squirrelled away, according to the data by Back Market.

Ryan spoke to Katy Medlock from Back Market.

Photo by Sanibell BV from Unsplash

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