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Listen: experts reveal the day children are most likely to fall ill

Maths has an answer for everything and this time it could be taking kids out the classroom as experts have revealed the exact sum to show the day of the year kids are most likely to fall ill and be absent from school…

(D(S + Ti)) + ((Ts x Tc)/Ht) / (W + Dh + E)

  • D = Day of week with most absence
  • S = Contact with sick people
  • Ti = Time spent indoors
  • Ts = Time since summer holidays
  • Tc = Time until Christmas holidays
  • Ht = Half-term holidays in different areas of UK
  • W = Weather conditions
  • Dh = Daylight hours
  • E = Exercise/activity level

Confused? Don’t be.

Nutritionist, Adrienne Benjamin, one of the experts at ProVen Probiotics generated the date by looking at school absence figures along with key factors that affect children’s health and historic data around sickness days and winter weather. 

Tomorrow (Friday 10th November) has been coined “Yellow Friday”, with elements of the equation including the most common day of the week for absence from school (Friday), the potential for contact with sick people, time spent indoors, time since summer holidays, weather conditions and daylight hours.

Ryan spoke to Dr Ellie Cannon and nutritionist at ProVen Probiotics Adrienne Benjamin.

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