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Listen: how to live frugally in 2021

19th January 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

A positive to come out of 2020, new research reveals, is that despite the challenges faced, the pandemic has left Brits confident about their finances and feeling positive for the year to come. 

The new stats from Equifax show that, although many of us struggled last year with over 2 in 5 saying 2020 brought about great financial uncertainty, 19% have entered 2021 feeling positive and/or confident about their finances. 

Being forced to cut back, it seems, has encouraged us Brits to think about what actually matters, and a huge 82% say that 2020 changed the way in which they will manage their personal finances going forward. 

Vital lessons have been learned for those who experienced uncertainty last year with 22% saying they will use credit cards less, 26% are starting to put money aside, by using spreadsheets and apps to budget; and another 18% are proactively researching ways to manage their money. 

Johnny spoke to Clare Seal, author of Real Life Money and frugality champion and Lisa Hardstaff, Head of Customer Experience at Equifax:

Image: Twitter/@MyFrugalYear