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Listen: how to protect what’s important to us

We will go above and beyond to protect the things we cherish most in life, and new research by Ring reveals that 40% of us worry frequently or constantly about the safety of the things we value most. 

Financial security (60%), health concerns (51%) and the safety of friends and family (40%) topped the list of biggest worries. When asked about worries on life experiences, missing out on moments we’ll never get back (39%) and being present in the moment (35%) were what we fretted over the most.

When it comes to important things within the home, the safety and protection of family members (52%) is our number one priority, followed by cash or bank cards (35%), and cars (31%). This differed among respondents however, with a fifth of women saying sentimental photographs were among their most treasured items compared to only 9% of men, yet both men and women regarded family heirlooms as equally important (13%).

Ari spoke to Dave Ward, managing director at Ring.

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