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Listen: how to stay safe, warm & well this winter

As winter’s icy grip tightens around the UK, a groundbreaking study by the respected health and wellbeing charity, Royal Voluntary Service, in collaboration with Yakult UK, has unveiled the significant toll the season takes on the older population.

The study reveals that 46% of individuals aged 65 and above confess they “dread the winter,” with another 50% admitting the season wreaks havoc on their emotional well-being. The factors that most significantly impact on  mood during winter include reduced daylight hours (46%), the biting cold weather (44%), and, in light of the current financial strain faced by many, the exorbitant home heating bills (43%).

The “Stay Safe, Warm and Well” guide, a treasure trove of essential information, has been created to help older and vulnerable people navigate these treacherous months. It encompasses money-saving tips, energy conservation strategies, and vital contacts for mental health support, in addition to delicious recipes brimming with mood-boosting ingredients.

Ryan spoke to Fiona Longhurst, director at Royal Voluntary Service.

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