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Listen: Iwan Carrington gives us some cleaning tips

Keep calm and stop being a clean ‘Freak’ – that’s the message from cleaning expert Iwan Carrington as new research suggests the majority of people (54%) are becoming anxious and worried about the cleanliness of their home before friends and family come over.

In fact, more than 7 million of us in the UK find their mum and dad visiting their home the most stressful over fears they won’t think it is clean enough.

The figures by Flash suggest so, with a fifth of people admitting they would leave someone’s home if they believed it wasn’t clean and 3.7 million of us would actually give cleaning tips to a friend or family member if they believed their home wasn’t spotless.

Ari spoke to TV presenter (Sort Your Life Out) & cleaning expert Iwan Carrington.

Photo by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot on Unsplash

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