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Posted by Ros Connors

Listen: meet the man capturing life stories after losing his dad to Covid

John Nguyen very sadly lost his Dad to Covid-19 and one of his biggest regrets is not starting Illuminate Stories in time to create an account of his life and to be able to hear his voice and his stories again, whenever he likes. Illuminate Stories combines cutting-edge cinematography and expert journalism to celebrate our loved ones’ legacies and allow them to tell their life stories, their way, in an expertly produced Keepsake Film.

These films achieve something static photography and formal biographies simply cannot – a vibrant and beautiful way of capturing someone’s memories, passions, and dreams in full colour.

The pandemic has solidified the importance of family and shown just how short our time with loved ones can be. It has also underlined the uncertainty that comes with getting older – that we may not have all the time in the world to share our knowledge and history, or to ask family members about their incredible lives. Illuminate Stories believes that everyone has an amazing story to tell, and the small details of our lives are the most beautiful and rewarding things that we can pass on to future generations.

Ros spoke to John Nguyen, founder of Illuminate Stories. 

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