Posted by Ros Connors

Listen: new Spring resolutions

Three quarters of Brits (72%) want to introduce more positive habits into their routines, according to new research by cardboard campaign group Beyond the Box.

From exercising more frequently (25%) and spending less time on our phones (25%), to walking more every day (24%) and remembering to put out the recycling on time (9%), we’re desperate to introduce positive habits into our daily lives – and half of us think forming new habits makes us happier (54%), while one in four of us (28%) are jealous of those who are good at forming habits.

While a third of us (32%) regularly try to form new habits, the same proportion (33%) find it hard to form new positive habits and a quarter (27%) can only stick to them for a couple of weeks before falling off the wagon.

Ross spoke to Andy Barnetson from Beyond the Box.

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