Posted by Ryan S

Listen: tackling homelessness in Basildon

In the heart of Britain, a nation proud of its history and culture, lies a harrowing reality that shatters the illusion of stability and security. Data released today reveals the bone-chilling reality that a vast number of us are teetering on the edge of a precipice, with homelessness looming like a dark cloud over their lives.

35% of respondents have been shackled by the gnawing fear of homelessness. This isn’t merely a statistic; it’s a profound testament to the pervasive dread that haunts families, friends, and neighbours. It reveals a society where the spectre of losing one’s home is a constant, unseen tormentor.

Delving deeper, the survey paints an even grimmer picture, revealing that about 36% of people have been forced to seek temporary shelter with friends or family, not as a matter of choice, but as a desperate bid for survival. These are not just numbers; they are stories of dignity eroded, of nights spent in agonising uncertainty, of the soul-crushing reality of not having a place to call home.

Ryan spoke to Benjamin Howarth, managing director of Howarth Housing Group.

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