Posted by Ros Connors

National Stress Awareness Day

When long-term stress becomes overwhelming, it can create mental, emotional, and physical health problems such as anxiety and depression, substance use issues, sleep problems, pain, and bodily complaints such as muscle tension. Here mental health expert Noel McDermott looks at the impact of stress on the human body and how to manage anxiety better this National Stress Awareness Day.

Too much stress and in particular cortisol have long been known to precipitate even severe psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, and management of stress is a key part of treatment of long-term conditions such as these. Studies of identical twins show that stress management is the dividing line between one developing mental illness and the other not. Stress is also linked to biological illness as stress responses include inflammation and degradation of the immune system. Inflammation is a major precipitator of biological illness. Stress also manifests in physical symptoms including muscle problems, stomach issues, rashes, and skin conditions in general. It also affects sleep and appetite and diet.

Ros spoke to psychotherapist Noel McDermott.

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