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Paralympian Amy Conroy on mental health

New research from AXA’s latest Mind Health Study has shown that the UK has the worst mental health in Europe.
The last two years have proved to be a difficult time for so many, with the pandemic affecting countries worldwide,
but it is the UK that seems to have struggled the most mentally.

The study reveals that two in five (37%) people are experiencing at least one mental health condition and almost a
quarter (24%) are ‘struggling’. The study was conducted into the current state of mental health among 11,000
people in 11 countries and territories in Europe and Asia.

However, the research also suggests that perceptions surrounding mental health are shifting in a more positive
way. Findings show the pandemic has been a catalyst in helping to de-stigmatise mental health conditions in the
UK and has encouraged more people to have open conversations about their own struggles. Half (50%) of people
in the UK think the stigma around mental health is declining while half (49%) also feel that they are better able to
acknowledge when they may need support.

Freya spoke to Paralympian Amy Conroy.

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