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Petowners have said they will forgo buying their furry friend a gift this Xmas

The winter months are always a difficult time for many, especially those who are experiencing homelessness. With prices rising and the cost-of-living crisis wreaking havoc, the number of those experiencing both temporary and longer homelessness is set to see a dramatic increase. But what about when we see a dog on the streets? Do we feel more inclined to stop and help if we see an animal companion?

Many do, and will agree that these feelings don’t just linger in a lighter sense, but translate into more stark and real-world scenarios. In particular, we are more likely to give money to a homeless person with a dog, than we would to those without (39%).

When we see a dog living on the street, we feel concerned (38%) – rising to 50% for those with a dog of their own – while one in five (19%) admit to feeling annoyed, frightful, embarrassed, or even angry, according to new research from

Ryan spoke to Sean McCormack, head vet at

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