Posted by Aston Avery

Platinum Jubilee Pageant

The Thank You Dance act of the Pageant is by Essex-based Kinetika and pays tribute to The Queen for her unstinting service to the country and acknowledges the commitment to care of our key workers during the pandemic. It features many key workers from Thurrock.

It will be an animated mass movement of participants adorned in silk, drawn from across generations from London, Milton Keynes and Thurrock, representing key workers from the participating locations. A selected group of key workers will lead the section carrying 6m high hand-painted scrolls depicting the roles they played and the sectors they represent made by community groups, each displaying an abstract portrait of the story of a key worker/member of their community. Each outfit has a scrap of blue material in it in the NHS shade of blue.  Thank you is written in different languages, in the NHS font. 

The event will be held on Sunday 5th June.

Ros spoke to Ali Pretty from Kinetika and Carol Fahey.

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