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Sport England aims to inspire young girls back into physical education

A lack of confidence, not feeling good enough and feelings of exclusion are some reasons young girls between the age of 13-16 are less active in school.

These findings from research funded by Sport England and Activity Alliance found that when it comes to enjoyment of PE, there’s a massive gender gap, with 80% of boys looking forward to participating compared to just 65% of girls.

adly, less than half (49%) of girls say they have the self-confidence to take part in PE, in comparison to 72% of boys. Indeed, self-belief is another hurdle for many girls with only 48% believing they are competent in PE. Meanwhile, 65% of boys say they have no such psychological barriers.

To help teachers get girls between the ages of 13-16 to feel more confident, competent, and engaged with physical education, Hopscotch Consulting, in partnership with Sport England have created a new innovative digital platform to change the way teen girls engage with PE- Studio You.

Freya spoke to Claire Edwards from Sport England.

Photo by Sporlab on Unsplash

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