Posted by Ros Connors

TV vet Scott Miller returns from Ukraine helping injured and homeless animals

11 months after the war began, many of Ukraines human inhabitants have sought shelter in neighbouring countries, many making the agonising decision to leave their pets behind.  Along with farm and zoo animals, there is a huge animal welfare crisis befalling the country.  With many stray animals roaming the streets, breeding has begun with puppies a regular finding littered amongst the rubble of the active warzone.

Beginning his journey in Suceavea, Romania, Scott crossed the border into Ukraine, travelling with Breaking the Chains operatives to their shelter in Vinnitsa.  Over the following week, Scott worked alongside young Vet Artem at the shelter and went on missions to Kherson in the south and Bakmut in the East.  While rescue of animals including a stranded herd of cattle in a destroyed village, and puppies littering the streets of Bakmut, Scott helped to provide medical supplies to Ukranian organisations, desperately needed supplies to maternity wards, and food drops and survival kits to the people still caught up in the war without power or water.  He also helped the charity load some lucky dogs as they are delivered from the war zone in Ukraine to the safety of Norway via charity partner Lynsey.

Ros spoke to TV vet Scott Miller.

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