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UK mothers not getting the support they need

The pandemic has clearly had a huge impact on all, however one group that seem to have been one of the worse affected is new parents. In a recent government report, it was found that new parents’ access to classes and mental health support was significantly reduced as a result of COVID-19. With many women (63%) reporting that they received less support in the first 6 months after their baby was born, including from family, friends and health care services.

Social distancing protocols, while necessary, presented significant issues among new parents, such as difficulties with establishing breastfeeding; less bonding between mother and child; and mothers reporting increased depression and loneliness, especially if they were miscarrying or had a high-risk pregnancy.

Parents will try anything to get their baby to sleep, driving around in a car, swinging from side to side, singing to them, but research has shown that white noise, such as shushing, can help soothe your child, as it reflects the blended sounds your baby heard in the womb.

Freya spoke to Charlotte Wenham, clinical nurse and CEO of Baby Shusher.

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