Posted by Aston Avery

UK’s largest arthritis charity warns of a rise in the ‘Home Office Hunch’

Having spent months working from home, the effects on our physical health caused by our makeshift home offices and poor remote working conditions are now becoming increasingly apparent.

Arthr, a social venture powered by the charity Versus Arthritis, is urging people to take action to safeguard their musculoskeletal health as many continue to work from home. Research from the charity found that the lockdown, which required workers to work from home, caused four in five (81%) of desk workers who switched to remote working in lockdown to experience back, neck or shoulder pain. Further, a study conducted by the Royal Society of Public Health on the impact of homeworking on the public’s health during lockdown found that half (48%) of workers who worked remotely from a bedroom or sofa said that they had developed musculoskeletal problems since working from home. For those that work in more confined spaces, from their bedroom, sofa or makeshift desk, the long-term impact of putting more pressure on their musculoskeletal (MSK) health could be severe if left untreated.

Aston spoke to Bobby Watkins, managing director at Arthr.

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